Reasons to choose Claudia Walker and Associates, We respect your time and budget

We get to know the company:

We personally examine your corporate environment, the background, size of the company, and your mission statement. We learn about the product, work space and the company mindset to clearly understand your company culture and feel. We understand that each company is unique in a variety of ways, ie: the business model, organizational style and culture. Why risk that understanding to a few phone calls. We are looking for a long term partnership and that requires getting to know each other.

We meet your manangement team:

We get to know the manager to whom the employee will directly report to. Too much time is wasted by third party information and today, no one can afford waste. Who will the employee report to, and/ or work with? What is the management style, performance expectations and pet peeves. Who is involeved with the training, motivation and overall success of the new employee? These are soft skills that can only be communicated face to face.

Reasons to Choose Us for Employers

We strive to clearly understand the position:

Performance expectations are the main focus. We identify the essential position function, tasks, responsibilites and soft skills. How many times has someone looked great on paper only to arrive for the interview with out the slightest quality that will fit with the company culture? We meet and thoroughly interview each of our candidates to identify, clarify and learn about their experience and skills, but also, to get to know them and what makes them tick. We guide and help you define a competative compensation package that not only attracts top talent, it retains them.

We partner as a resource with you:

Finally, we trace your search method to date and evaluate how we can most impact that search and economically ease the burden. Our goal is to help you examine your team, identify the need and strategically recommend a much deeper scope of candidate. When you partner with a recruiter, you pay for this service. Many companies today work with recruiters and then still do the process themselves. Claudia Walker and Associates has the experience and background to get all of the tedious steps out of the way and present the top candidates.