Employer FAQs

Q. What is the cost?

A. Our fees are paid by the company who is looking for the employee. It is illegal to charge individuals looking for employment. We are competitive in the San Diego and southern California market. All fees are based upon a percentage of the new employees salary and terms of payment are always discussed up front and on a case by case basis. Once the position responsibilites and requirments are identified and we agree to partner in the search, contracts are issued. Each company is unique and all of the factors are taken into consideration. We have the flexiblity to determine the best pricing needs of your company and make the placement process a win/ win for both parties.

Q. What guarantees will our company have?

A. Our commitment is satisfaction with service. We do all of the up front work to provide the right candidate for your company. There are times that despite those efforts, it might not be the right fit and we handle that on a case by case basis as well. Both our fees and guarantees are discussed up front before the first interview is even conducted, there are no surprises.

Employer FAQs

Q. How does the placement process work?

A. If we have not met face to face previously, we schedule a time to meet. We can not be most effective in our search process and save you valuable time if we do not have a clear understanding of all skills, including soft skills that are required. We then recruit, screen, interview and present the top talent for your position.

Q. How often can I expect a follow up call?

A. Our approach is that every call is returned by the close of business. We place a call and/ or an email out daily with updates. Depending on the stage of the process, sometimes more frequently. One of the questions we ask you is how you want our communication process to go. We are here to make your hiring process easier, seemless and efficient. Two-way communication is key.

Q. How fast will you find me someone?

A. Depends on the position and your timeline. We have vast experience, networks and resources to identify talent throughout San Diego county. Our goal is to provide the right candidate the first try: to maintain constant communication throught the entire process and to engage all the resources at our disposal to meet your timeline.

We live in San Diego. We are active in San Diego. Our reputation in San Diego is key. Claudia Walker and Associates, Opportunity meets its Match!